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In recent years “gamification” has gained significant attention. Gamification is the application of game theory in a non-game context. Beyond scoreboards, avatars, and game themes, we at Jiwe Studios create a modern approach to gamification to solve critical business questions.

Studies have shown just how effective gamification is, for both engaging workers and increasing customer satisfaction. One survey found that 89% of employees say gamification helps them feel more productive and 88% say they’re happier at work. When employees are more satisfied, customers notice, and the overall business improves.


Companies are now leveraging gamification services to achieve all kinds of business objectives, such as attracting new customers, converting leads, increasing brand awareness, and more. However, gamification can also be used to hone your employees’ skills and increase their efficiency. Gamification in business is steadily replacing traditional training processes such as presentations, acting out scenarios, and other instructional means used in the past.

Such gamification solutions are actively being used in areas like education, sales, healthcare, and events and the reason gamification has become so popular is that it offers greater immersion in the content.


Performance Management

This HR software helps managers and teams better understand employees' job responsibilities, track job-related goals and metrics, and measure improvement. A gamified element might be involved to track employee progress and increase engagement.

Learning Management Systems

This software gives companies a gamification platform to build, track, and improve customer and employee training modules through an online web portal. Elearning gamification is often built into these systems to increase student engagement and drive user outcomes.

Employee Engagement

These platforms use gamified tools or elements to promote productivity, training, and revenue growth across a company. While often used to motivate sales teams to increase productivity, employee engagement software can be used to reduce turnover, give meaningful feedback, increase training efficiency, and improve overall morale.


Gamification marketing can help you attract and maintain loyal customers by creating a fun experience they’ll actually want to engage with. Depending on how you gamify your marketing your brand can join the ranks of brands like McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Under Armour, to name a few.



Sales gamification provides a concrete goal structure for your salespeople, as well as ways of measuring accomplishments and achievements. These both propel participation and results, and because your employees can see their successes in real-time, you’ll find that sales gamification is a powerful motivator.


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