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We’re dedicated to creating the most unique African story-driven games and to be the ultimate developer hub for creating, playing, distributing games in Africa.


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Post apocalyptic Action Adventure | Mobile, PC

In 2062, in a chaotic world in which Europe is dead due to global warming, nuclear catastrophes, and climate change, the great migration now goes from North to South, directly opposite to the phenomenon of the beginning of the century. Read more

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USONI Part 2: The Prophecy

Post apocalyptic Action Adventure | Mobile, PC

After the shipwreck which separated her from Ulysse, Ophelia lands on one of Lampedusa shores. Is Ophelia going to be sent back to the Hell she thought she had escaped from?

Coming Soon!

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Mishi and Michi

To the normal eye and ear, the trees simply swayed about swishing and swooshing to the music of the wind. But to Mishi’s eyes and ears, the trees told of great tales of times long forgotten.

Coming Soon!

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We have a young team of very passionate gamers and game designers.

  • Max avatar

    Max Musau

    CEO & Chief Sculptor

  • Telvin avatar

    Telvin Mbau

    Lead Game Developer

  • Arnold avatar

    Arnold Mwaura

    Game Developer

  • Ken avatar

    Kennedy Kyalo

    3D Generalist

  • Wendy avatar

    Wendi Ndaki

    Game Writer

  • Marc avatar

    Marc Rigaudis

    Creative Director

  • Marc avatar

    Victor Ndes

    Junior UI/UX Designer

  • Joan avatar

    Joan Waweru


  • Dean avatar

    Dean Gichukie

    Head of Marketing

  • Charles avatar

    Charles Mabwa

    Developer Outreach Coordinator

  • Marc avatar

    Abdulwaheed Musa

    Junior UI/UX Designer

  • Eugene avatar

    Eugene Mweri

    Head of Esports

  • Jeremy avatar

    Jeremy Cecil

    Esports Intern

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