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In the ever-evolving landscape of filmmaking, the intersection of technology and creativity has paved the way for groundbreaking experiences. Virtual Reality (VR) has emerged as a medium that immerses audiences in unprecedented ways, and at the heart of every captivating VR production lies the vision of a VR Production Designer.

Let's explore the role of a VR Production Designer and explore an exciting casting call for an upcoming VR narrative.

A VR Production Designer is a master of crafting visual worlds that captivate and transport audiences into new dimensions. They play a pivotal role in shaping the aesthetics, ambiance, and atmosphere of a VR production, collaborating closely with directors and producers to bring their creative vision to life.

Their responsibilities in this role will encompass:

  1. Conceptualization: The VR Production Designer interprets the script to identify the distinctive visual style that aligns with the narrative's essence.
  2. Collaboration: Working hand in hand with directors and producers, the designer engages in discussions to flesh out concepts and production requirements.
  3. Research: Deep dives into art history, background politics, and historical information facilitate the creation of design ideas that resonate with the narrative's context.
  4. Design Management: From costumes to props, the designer generates and manages ideas that contribute to the immersive experience.
  5. Set Dressing: Assisting in set dressing ensures that every aspect of the environment aligns harmoniously with the narrative.
  6. Technical Adaptation: VR is a unique medium that requires the designer to test colors and visual elements for optimal presentation in volumetric recording.
  7. On-set Expertise: Attending rehearsals and filming, the designer offers valuable insights to enhance the visual storytelling.

Duration: Short-term (2 weeks starting)

Compensation: Intern level position - 20,000 KES

As the realm of VR production continues to expand, the role of VR Production Designers becomes increasingly vital. Their creative prowess combined with technical acumen lays the foundation for immersive experiences that transport audiences to new dimensions.


Casting Call: Envisioning Characters in a Virtual Realm

A compelling narrative is only as strong as the actors who breathe life into its characters. For the upcoming VR production, this a casting call to find exceptional talents who can embody the roles and complexities of the story's characters.

Tuka: Lead Male (18s-30s)

Tuka represents bravery and determination. A young man deeply in love, he embarks on a journey to free his beloved Waheeda, showcasing vulnerability and strength. His emotional range is central to conveying his character's depth. Ethnicity: Middle Eastern or Indian

Waheeda: Lead Female (13s-25s)

Waheeda's character epitomizes courage, resilience, and determination. Her role demands a female actor with the capability to portray the intricate emotional journey she undertakes. From enduring hardships to embodying hope, the actor's emotive prowess is key.
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern or Indian

Supporting Characters: Adding Depth to the Story:

Father: A paternal figure (40-60), adding emotional weight to the narrative.
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern or Indian

Mother: A maternal presence (40-60) that complements the familial dynamics, Ethnicity: Middle Eastern or Indian

Policeman: A character (20-60) pivotal to the plot's progression.
Ethnicity: Any

Wife: An African ethnic character (40-60) contributing cultural nuances. Ethnicity: African

Daughter: A young African girl (10-15) whose presence resonates.
Ethnicity: African

King: A regal persona (20-70) that shapes the story's trajectory.
Ethnicity: Any

Note: Ethnicity plays a role in character authenticity, and language proficiency (Swahili) and improvisational comfort are requisites for all lead roles.

Duration: 1-3 days in the 1st week of September
Rate: 5,000 per day


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