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Initial story from a Book with the same title by Marc Rigaudis

After the great climate catastrophe of 2035, the seas are higher and more violent than ever before. A series of huge volcanic eruptions and massive earthquakes have shattered established life systems across the Northern hemisphere. All the world’s nuclear reactors melted down or were washed into the sea.

For years the skies have been covered with dark clouds of radioactive smoke and ash, and the air, seas and fresh water lakes have become polluted. A super powerful organization has the global monopoly of water and totally controls the world...

Global, social and economic order and ordinary life has disintegrated completely. It’s every man and woman for themselves.

In an ironic reversal of fortune, now immigrants from the West risk their lives to travel over treacherous seas to Africa where the sun still shines, and there is life and hope.

Initial Game Concept

Final Game Trailer

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Final game available at https://jiwe.io/games/usoni-alpha-release

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