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The world is facing unprecedented challenges - Climate changes, resource shortages, water scarcity, and more. With these sustainability pressures on the world’s resources, the need for new thinking and creative approaches is clearer than ever. This has sparked the need to take a stand and encourage creative problem solving.

Jiwe Studio has partnered with Africa Comicade to host the E-Africa Challenge. The E-Africa Challenge is an annual one week conference for African Digital Creatives, aimed at raising awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as providing training and support to African creatives who would go further to become ambassadors of SDGs, as well as launch projects and startups that promote their realizatdion. The challenge is African centric and focused towards the African continent creatives. It is held by Africa comicade and supported by Jiwe Studio and other partners.

Africa Comicade is a platform for African creatives in the digital entertainment and multimedia industry. Africa comicade supports the works of creatives in game development, animation, comics, XR and more, by showcasing their works, organising valuable events and programs as well as connecting them with investors and other stakeholders, so they can access opportunities for collaboration, jobs, funding, and more. - Find out more about them at www.africacomicade.com

Back to the E-Africa challenge, it is open to anyone usually, the ideal participants are digital creatives like game developers, animators, Illustrators, creative writers, videographers, and more. Newbies too with digital creativity are encouraged to participate.

The theme for this year’s E -Africa challenge is Climate Change.

The Challenge will be held online and will encompass training sessions which will be streamed live and the courses will be taken via an online learning platform and project submissions would be collected via cloud storage services. Both teams and individuals are allowed to take part in the challenge and NOTE that not everyone entering must complete the course for them to truly be participants.

To participate you will need to register using this LINK

E- Africa Challenge Timelines:

22nd April 2021 - Official Launch
This will be the official launch of the hackathon on Earth day

21st - 23rd June - 3 Days Webinars
Talk sessions and online UN Climate change course on sustainability and Climate change, to empower creatives with information.

24th - 26th June - 48 hours
Hackathon starts and will encompass Design Thinking, Business Modelling and Pitching Workshops that will run for 48 hours.

27th June - Post Hackathon
Grading of Projects, Announcement of Winners, Networking & Acceleration/Funding and Incubation

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