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The fight against slavery has been ongoing for centuries, but technology has opened up new opportunities for advocacy and education. Recently in February 2023, we hosted a Game Jam focused on creating anti-slavery games brought together developers from seven African countries to create thought-provoking and informative games.

The four-day online Game Jam saw 49 participants grouped into 20 teams. The aim was to create games that would raise awareness about the different forms of slavery and inspire players to take action against it. The teams worked tirelessly to create games that were not only engaging but also informative and thought-provoking.

At the end of the Game Jam, the top three prototypes were recognized with rewards totalling $1000. The 1st place team CWC received $500, the 2nd place team Poppihin received $300, and the 3rd place team 2 interactive received $200. But the real prize was the opportunity to use their skills to make a difference in the world.

The winning team CWC with it’s members Wallace Joseph, Charles Kyalo, and Chela Yego created a 2D web/mobile game that follows the story of a young boy named Tiomi from modern day northern africa who wants to be an inventor. The gameplay includes interactive puzzles that represent the emotional experiences of the characters, creating a unique and immersive narrative experience.

Tiomi by Team CWC

The second-place team Poppohin with its team members Tabitha Karaba, Gideon Gichuru, Lydiah Mugure created about Sidy and Bassitan are lovers but Sidy was denied his lover because his status as a descendant of a slave.

Egalite (Equality) by Team Poppihin

The third-place team 2 Interactive with solo developer Ian Okinda, created a game that focused on the experience of a 12 year old girl, working at the fields. When she escapes the hands of ‘men in masks‘, as they call them, known for kidnapping kids on their way home.

Zora by Team 2 Interactive

The games convey the harsh realities of slavery and the challenges faced by those who sought freedom. The games each try to take a unique approach, using music and sound to create an unique experience that conveys the emotional toll of slavery.

The success of the Game Jam shows that serious games have the potential to be powerful tools for education and advocacy. By creating games that are both informative and engaging, developers can raise awareness about important issues and inspire players to take action. The Anti-slavery Game Jam is just one example of how technology can be used to make a positive impact on the world.

Here is the link to all the games created: https://beta.jiwe.io/antislaverygamejam2023

Thank you to all our supporters and sponsors -SOAS, Donkosira, Nairobi Game Development Center and our judges Jay Shapiro of Usiku Games, Micheal Oscar of Africa Comicade and Marie Rodet and Team (SOAS), our guest speaker Marc Rigaudis and all the organizers Charles Mabwa, Alice Mueni and team.

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